Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Anybody interested in a lockerz account, pls leave ur e-mail address in the comments area.. Registration is absolutely free..

Lockerz is a fun place where u get pointz for watchng videos and even logging in each time. U can get lots of free stuff in exchange fr those pointz.. Redemption is taking place right nw and many goodies are being given out, so get ur lockerz account soon..

U can also connect with friends and share ur pictures as well as videos. The best part is tat u get pointz fr making friends... If u left ur e-mail id in the comments, u wil get an invitation soon..

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blackberry Downloads

Since i love my blackberry, i would like to share the apps that i have on it. Most of the apps would need BIS(Blackberry Internet Service) to be downloaded, and others would need the BlackBerry App World. Here I have some apps which need neither of the above. Download the zip file directly and install it in ur BB. But first things first, Install BBRKM (Blackberry Right Key Manager) if u do not have Blackberry Desktop Manager to install the downloaded app

To download BBRKM Click HERE

IM+ allows u to sign into multiple accounts such as Facebook, GTalk, Yahoo, Skype,etc, and Chat with Friends. Click HERE to download. You can also go to the official IM+ page. U can also click here to see more details and download.

Ebuddy is also an IM app similar to IM+. It usually cant be downloaded directly. It has to be downloaded through BIS plan directly to ur BB, or by BB app world. But i have provided the .cod file with which u can download and install from ur pc. Click this link to download (instructions are provided)
Supported for BB 8310, 9000, and many other models. Instal and check.

I am a new blogger, so I don't have much of a knowledge. If this post was useful to anyone, please leave a comment